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Established in 1974, Sabah Softwoods Berhad (SSB) is the pioneer company that venture into large commercial forest tree plantation developement in Malaysia. Its vision is to assure Sabah to have a sustainable unbroken cycle on productive timberland with economic potential that has been proven to be many times greater than that of natural forest.

In the initial stage, SSB intention was to grow softwoods, mainly Pinus Caribaea for pulp and timber wood production. However, due to the slow growth of the species and the difficulty in seed procurement, the softwood species were replaced since then with four fast growing hardwoods, namely, Acacia Mangium (AM), Gmelina Arborea (GA), Albizia Falcataria (AF) and Eucalyptus Deglupta (ED). It has also been proven that man made forest is not only commercially exploitable, but also has the advantage of fast growing characteristics, with maturity between 7-12 years compared with a minimum of 60 years or more for natural forest.

As of to date, it had covered about 30,000 hectares of its 60,618 hectares land bank into tree plantation. With a high annual log production volume of 360,000 Cubic Meter (M3), in year 2007, SSB received the highly acclaimed Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - "Well-Managed Forest" Certification which enable the company to have a firmer position in the market. The AM logs are substantially consumed for processing in woodchips whilst AF and GA logs are sold in the form of logs. Tawau Plywood Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (TPMSB), the wholly owned subsidiary of SSB, consumes a subtantial portion of the AF logs for processing into plywood and blockboards. The export grade logs comprising high quality peeler logs ae mainly exported to Japan and the Philipines for processing into plywood.

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