Forest Stewardship Council(FSC)

Being a pioneer in large-scale commercial forest plantation, SSB is already FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified since 2007 with 30,000 hectares of the tree plantation areas, planted prior to 1994. The tree plantation was successfully re-certified for another 5 years (2014-2019) under the Forest stewardship Council (FSC) Certification Scheme, which is for the second cycle since 2007. The re-certification covers the period between October 2012 and October 2017, making SSB's tree plantation the longest period certified as well-managed plantation certification under the Scientific Certification System (SCS) Qualifor Programme.

Through this certification, our tree plantation products has gained wider market acceptance and at the same time fetch premium prices. The financial benefits gained for being FSC certified would be greater than the expected additional expenses invested towards achieving and maintaining the FSC status. The main goal of the company has turned to reality, where SSB is even more committed to sustain our venture in the tree plantation within FSC charter. The social and environmental benefits attributable to maintaining FSC status is tremendous for tree plantation the size of SSB, particularly in the form of employment to the surrounding communities, improvement in plantation to natural environment (protection of water catchments, natural habitat, wildlife, etc) and of course the positive contribution towards Carbon sequestration.

Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)

Sabah Softwoods Berhad (SSB) has registered with the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to be member of MSPO on 24th April 2015. The company obtained MSPO Certification for Group certification and Mill on 1st April 2016. (Click here to view: SSB MSPO Certificate)

The Group certification includes the eight (8) Estates and one (1) Mill namely, a. Sg.Indit, Dumpas, Cenderamata, Kapilit, Mawang, Bukit Batu, Bukit Tukok, Kumansi and Kapilit Palm Oil Mill (KPOM) (Click here to view: SSB Estates and Mill location & Hectarage Distribution). Mr. Ram Nathan (ram@softwoods.com.my) is appointed as the Management Representative for MSPO certification.

TUV NORD (Malaysia) company as the Certification Body (CB). CB has applied for accreditation for MSPO scheme under DSM (Department of Standard Malaysia) in order to issue accredited certificate. Thus, re-certification for Group certification foe Estates and Mill is on 13-17 March 2017 during audit in order to issue an accredited MSPO certificate which is the requirements for oil palm industry under the jurisdiction of Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC) is now the scheme owner.

The company has developed several policy statements with commitment for sustainability. These policies include:

No. Policy(s)
2. Environmental Statement
3. Social
4. Gender
5. Child Protection
6. Health, Safety and Environment
7. Sexual Harassment
8. Prevention on Workplace Violence
9. Sexual Harassment & Gender Discrimination
10. Zero Burning
11. Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar
12. Equal Employment
13. Freedom of Association Statement
14. Minimum Age
15. Human Right

All the policies of the company is clearly displayed on notice boards and being briefed to staff, workers and contractors.

Some of the Management documents placed at the estates and mill offices for publicly available upon request include the followings:

No. Management Document(s)
a. Standard Operating Procedure (Estate and Mill)
b. Waste Management
c. Land Title
d. Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
e. High Conservation Value (HCV)
f. Grievances and Complaints Procedure
g. Safety and Health Plans
h. Annual Reports
i. Government Laws and Regulations
j. Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)

All levels of employees have continuously committed to implement MSPO. The company has standard operating procedures for best practices to ensure sustainable production of safe and quality palm oil products.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Environment & Conservation