Palm Oil Products

Palm Oil

Palm oil is the most traded vegetable oil in the world today and has been used as a dietary constituent for nearly five thousand years. Palm oil is obtained from the mesocarp of the Elaeis guineensis fruit, simply by cooking, mashing and pressing. In this process, the seeds are separated and after cracking and removing the shell, the kernel can be processed to yield palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake.

Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

Crude palm oil is obtained from the mesocarp of fresh fruit bunches. It is an orange liquid and semi-solid at room temperature, melting to a clear red-orange liquid on slight heating. Crude palm oil can be refined and further fractionated to widen its application. The following specifications are defined for export purposes:

Free Fatty Acid
(as palmitic)
Moisture & Impurities
5.0% max 0.25% max
Source: Malaysia Palm Oil Board

Palm Kernels (PK)

Palm kernel is obtained from the palm fruitlet after the removal of the mesocarp and shell.

Dirt & Shell Moisture & Impurities
6.0% max 7.0% max
Source: Malaysia Palm Oil Board


Palm Oil