To Realize The Full Potential of The Plantation Business By 2020.

We Produce Accredited Plantation Timber, Timber Products and CPO Through
Operational and Corporate Culture Excellence.

Corporate Values   
Team . Operating . Principles (T.O.P)


  • We are committed to carry out our duties with enthusiasm, dedication and responsibility
  • We are committed to adopt a "Never Give Up" attitude in performing our undertakings

  • Performance Driven

  • We will pursue and execute meaningful activities that bring positive outcomes to the company
  • We will recognize and reward individual employees who achieve excellent performance

  • Excellence

  • We will continuously drive to achieve high performance in all our undertakings
  • We will adopt a continuous improvement attitude in all our activities even if we have succeeded

  • Team Synergy

  • We will put aside individual differences, work together and will remain united to strive toward common goals
  • We will listen, respect and open to every team members' opinions and ideas
  • We will recognize the power of making team decisions instead of disputing over differing views

  • Caring

  • We will create conducive environment and contribute to the improvement of living standards and welfare of everyone
  • We will adopt a strong sense of belonging, togetherness and mutual respect
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